Square Enix Urges Gamers To Start Enjoying “The Great Outdoors”

In a surprisingly move, Square Enix has announced their plans to release The Great Outdoors which is a game that is focused on encouraging players to enjoy nature a little more. With its focus on using real world brands and duplicating camping and hunting experiences, The Great Outdoors looks to provide a unique online multiplayer experience. Only time will tell on whether Square Enix’s plans will help gamers get off their computer chairs and out into the real world.

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 17, 2012) – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in the Americas, in a strategic partnership with Mastiff LLC, announced THE GREAT OUTDOORS™,  a uniquely new, online outdoor lifestyle game for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. The title is being developed by Mastiff and Icarus Studios, Inc. and will be available in 2012 for Windows® PC. THE GREAT OUTDOORS is the first game to give outdoor enthusiasts a chance to indulge their passion online. Whether alone, with friends, or in larger groups, players will experience all the thrills of “living” in a vast and sprawling outdoor universe of hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, exploration, photography and much more.   THE GREAT OUTDOORS is a paradise for the outdoorsman, with fully stocked lakes, a variety of challenging hunts available year round, and an exciting, natural world to explore. But it’s also an online community and a constantly evolving world for outdoor enthusiasts and online gaming veterans to discover and enjoy.

Square Enix has made some interesting moves as of late that continue to show a savvy-ness that goes far behind their roots as a company known for Japanese RPG’s. I really do hope that Square Enix continues its current trajectory as it can only help better manage the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest brands down the line.

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