Star Wars The Old Republic: The Holoterminal Ep. 9- Patch 1.1 & Ilum

What is up fellow Star Wars fans? Today I have a brand new episode of The Holoterminal for you, covering the latest Rise of the Rakghouls (1.1) patch and other news from Bioware’s Star Wars The Old Republic. We get things started with another light hearted sketch, which helps shed some light on our favorite race in the game. Then, having recently reached the game’s max level (50), we start out by discussing my initial opinions of end game, along with a few tips on how to get started with PvP gear. Next we cover the changes and repercussions of the recent changes and hot fixes to the end game PvP planet, Ilum. And lastly, we discuss some of the issues with the game’s Warzones, and future hot fixes coming down the pipe.

Many players have had their trust in Bioware shaken after these recent Ilum changes and problems. Speaking for myself, I have read more nerd rage comments in general chat this past week than I have seen since I first logged into the early access period. But, to be fair, gamers tend to blow things out of proportion, because they were having so much fun before things went off track. It’s the same reason people still complain about the Prequels, we were so in love with what we’d seen in the past that we can do nothing but weep beneath the shadow of disappointment. Try talking to a non-Star Wars fan (blasphemy!) about why the Prequels suck, I can pretty much guarantee you that they will either drone you out or walk away.

Episode 9- Patch 1.1

So what do you think? Has your trust been shaken? Is this the end of The Old Republic and Bioware? Is the game now a failure? Or are my fellow Star Wars nerds simply being as overly dramatic as always? Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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  • You’re being overly dramatic, as always.  Congrats for hitting 50.  My main and my alt are only half that.  I figure by the time I hit 50, all these issues will be sorted out.  Or at least better than they appear now.