Guild Wars 2 Beta Ramping Up To Release Later This Year

Guild Wars 2 is one step closer to being in the hard drives of gamers. Today ArenaNet announced on their blog, that the Guild Wars 2 closed beta will “aggressively ramp up” in size starting in March and April. That will lead to Guild Wars 2’s release later this year. I know my fellow Asura Necromancers are excited that the wait is nearly over. For those not familiar with Guild Wars 2, it’s an upcoming MMO that wants to break free of the genre’s conventions. Guild Wars 2 will have action oriented combat, a more natural quest system, and no monthly fees. Plus it’s beautiful. Check it out in action below.

I’ve never been able to get into an MMO. Even MMO’s that seem geared directly at me like Star Wars The Old Republic or DC Universe Online haven’t gotten me very interested. Guild Wars 2, though, has me anxiously awaiting it’s release. You can get information on the game at it’s official website.

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