Antec Brings Out Three Hundred Two PC Case

Antec has just released the next generation of their Three Hundred Series Mid-Tower PC Case. The Three Hundred Two is a mid-priced case aimed at gamers and custom PC builders and it packs a lot of good features.



The case comes with a total of 11 drive bays,  all of which are tool-less for easy installation and maintenance.  There are three 5.25 bays for optical drives, memory card readers, and other external drives, six 3.5″ internal drives for  your HDDs, and two 2.5″ drive bays for SSD’s (which are mounted in some strange places…).  Unfortunately no external 3.5″ bays, but for this price you can’t have everything.

There are some other great features included as well that you don’t always see in cheaper cases. There is a removable air vent and dust filter for the PSU, allowing the built-in fan to actually generate airflow. The front panel also comes with a removable dust filter, and slots for two 120mm fans.

The biggest downside to the case is that out of the six fan slots, only two come installed out of the box. The other four, two front slots, and one on each side panel, have to be purchased separately. However the placement of those slots is excellent, and allows for good expansion later on.

The list of improvements continues, including space for THREE 12.5″ graphics cards (which gives you an extra .5″ over the largest card on the market), water-cooling support, a Front I/O panel with audio in/out and USB 3.0 ports for blazing transfer speeds, and cable routing holes.

Overall this is a great case and has a lot of improvements over the previous generation. There is a lot of room inside for a mid size case, and the room for fan expansion lets you customize your airflow however you like. The Three Hundred Two is a little out of the budget case range, but falls well below the pricey options. Early reviews have cited the cases sturdy build, so you get quality components and a lot of features.  The Three Hundred Two has a MSRP of $80, but is available right now for $70.

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