Indie Royale Introduces Serious Sam Bundle

Now, I’ll go ahead and be honest here. I’m a little irritated. And it’s not because these awesome games are on sale. No, it’s because I already own half of them, and buying them again just seems silly (though I’m sure I’ll end up doing it.) So, my dilemma aside, it’s my great pleasure to bring to you, the Indie Royale Bundle:

  • Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
  • Serious Sam: Double D
  • Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack
  • Serious Sam: The First & Second Encounter. 
As a bonus for meeting the average amount donated you’ll also unlock Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter. This is really an amazing deal, as the current average price is only $4.15 and the Serious Sam games are outrageously fun. Get them now, there are 93 hours left in the sale so go buy it right now!

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  • Thanks for the heads up Dominic!