No Xbox Exclusive Fighters In Street Fighter X Tekken

Back before the gritty urban environments and bald space marines dominated the gaming landscape, the game style of choice was the beat ’em up. After lying mostly dormant for several years the beat ’em up was resurrected with Street Fighter IV leading the charge.

Partly down to nostalgia but mostly down to being an excellent game, Street Fighter was a big success and opened the door for the return of Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom and the soon to be released Soul Calibur.  The popularity of Street Fight IV has allowed for gamers to finally get the answer on who would win in a fight between Ryu and Kazuya with Street Fighter X Tekken announced at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. However while settling one fan boy argument it may have inadvertently started another as producer Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken won’t have its own exclusive character.

We do have the exclusive characters for the Sony platform. We have Cole, the two Sony cats, Kuro and Toro. But basically for the Xbox 360, we were in discussions with them (Microsoft) for which character to put in as an exclusive, but we weren’t able to decide on a character because of differences in timing and things like that..In terms of characters we wish we could have put in the game, Master Chief or Marcus Fenix from Gears of War would have been really cool.”

So what do you think, has the absence of any Microsoft exclusive characters swayed your decision on which console to buy Street Fighter X Tekken? My opinion is no, exclusive characters are good fan service but neither Cole nor the 2 Sony cats(which after a quick google search I found out where Sony’s Japanese mascots) would really tempt me into purchase it on the PS3 and truthfully outside novelty I wouldn’t really care about MasterChief of Marcus Fenix either.

Source: CVG

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  • Theveggiejerk

    It’s probably because the only microsoft character worthy of praise is Master Chief! I wanna see Sackboy in a fight!!!

  • mirandacosgrove2011

    I’m pretty annoyed considering I already bought an xbox 360 fight stick to play Street Fighter IV on ages ago.