The Witcher 2 Pre-Launch Conference Stream

Mark your calendar for 7PM (GMT+1) this upcoming Thursday (26th Jan) as a pre-launch conference will be held for The Witcher 2 that will be hitting Xbox 360 this year.

In the conference, CD Projekt RED, the developers of The Witcher 2, will be revealing plenty of important facts about the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2. This is going to be streamed on Facebook live from the conference held in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

It seems as if the main details will be a release date, brand, new trailer and additional features coming to the console adaptation. Check out the stream on the above date here.

I am really excited for the release of The Witcher 2 on console, I have been tempted to buy it on PC multiple times as it looks to be a huge game that I can see myself spending lots of time with. The announcement of a release date is always nice so I can get my pre-order in!

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