Dark Legends Vampire MMO Heading Our Way

If you are like me and have a hectic schedule we try to get in some gaming in anyway we can. And this is when I have found myself playing a lot more games on my iPhone, and that is what brings me here today Platform Nation to tell you about Dark Legends a vampire themed mobile and desktop MMO. Dark Legends will not only be available on our iOS devices, but we will also be able to get our hands on Dark Legends via Google Chrome and Android.

Here is a little more about the game:

Fans of the popular Legends franchise, Pocket Legends and Star Legends, will discover a gameplay evolution in Dark Legends that draws them even deeper into the experience. The combat system delivers fast paced, action oriented gameplay that includes new mechanics such as charge attacks and the ability to drain enemies. A wide breadth of solo and multiplayer content will also be available.

The most significant change is a much deeper focus on narrative. In addition to story communicated during the 3D multiplayer missions, players will periodically be given the option to complete quick action missions with a single tap. These missions use brief cut scenes to create an interactive storybook, where players experience the life of a vampire up-close and personal.

The company’s goal for Dark Legends is to combine casual, strategic advancement content with their award winning real-time 3D multiplayer system to create a blend of gameplay never before seen.

“With each entry to the Legends franchise we raise the bar for the pick-up-and-play MMO space,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios. “The changes between Pocket Legends and Star Legends were significant, but Dark Legends is a quantum leap forward in interactive storytelling. Live the dark fantasy and play anywhere, anytime, anyone!”

Dark Legends opens with the player recently raised and under the direction of the vampire that sired them. The secret existence of vampires has been exposed and angry, misguided humans are uniting to exterminate the undead plague by any means necessary. Players must work with their clan to survive this brutal new world.

I can’t wait for Dark Legends to be released as it is set for launch Q1 of this year. To learn more about Dark Legends, be sure to checkout their website: Dark Legends with be shown for the first time publicly at GDC 2012.

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