The Ultimate Battlefield 3 PC Case Mod

If you have been listening to Platform Nation’s Lock and Load (and shame on you if you haven’t been listening, you are missing some great shows) you will know our very own Steven Artlip recently put together his own gaming rig and Ryan Strain is a huge PC gamer. I was one of those that used to play more PC games than console games, but simply lost interest (and money) in playing PC games. So this brings us to why we are here. If you remember Raptr ran a contest back in November and the big prize was a custom built PC worth $5000. As Battlefield 3 emerged as the fan favorite in the contest, I think I was more concerned what the PC look like? Well Platform Nation if you are like me we not only have a video that will walk you through this great looking PC, but we have screenshots for you to take a look at after the jump.

Now that is one awesome looking PC! What did you think of the PC Platform Nation, and are you a PC gamer or strictly console? Let us know and remember be sure to check out P*N’s Lock and Load!

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  • Anon

    This went on
    The consensus was this is a monstrosity and you should be ashamed.

    • Piss off

      Went on and everyone loved it

  • Guzzet

    @43f6c98b5ad316cd427083948cc1c9a9:disqus Hah, everyone loved it? <850 likes isn't "everybody loved it.