XCOM: Enemy Unknown Combat Breakdown

Over at Game Informer they have the information hook up for the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown. No, not the first person shooter based on the classic XCOM games. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a strategy game that’s much more in line than with the classic. While I would love a video showcasing some gameplay, Game Informer has the next best thing. They have a series of pictures and descriptions that step by step break down an encounter with some alien enemies. I didn’t realize aliens were just as mad about rising gas prices as us humans. Check it out here.

Hopefully my alien killing operations go as smoothly as that one. I’m excited for the wealth of options that look to be available. Grappling to higher ground, engineering new equipment, taking cover, blowing up cover, flanking, equipment abilities, unit abilities and more.

XCOM the shooter has been delayed till next year but Enemy Unknown is still on track for a release this fall.

Source: Game Informer

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