Hands On With The Steam App Preview

For any PC gamer, Steam is a vital service to use. With instant access to a huge variety (thousands) of games by the click of a button, Steam is regarded as the best online distribution service. I have had a chance to use the newly released Steam app on iOS (also available on Android) and I must say, it’s pretty good.

Store – Your first reaction to a Steam app was probably “Oh great, another way to spend all my money”. And that sounds about right. The Steam app gives you instant access to the full catalogue available on the Steam Store, and with a couple of clicks you can purchase any game for download on your main computer. This part of the app let’s you categorise the store by featured, new, and (the best one) Deals. At the moment there aren’t any great deals, but I can imagine next time Steam has a huge sale, if I can’t get to a PC then this app will be a great help in getting a great deal. The purchasing of games within the app is seamless, but is missing certain purchasing methods (PayPal) and only accepts credit card at the moment. Another  feature that revolves around the Store is the Wishlist which is also available to view, amend and add games to on the go. And of course a cart and a search section to find your way around the store.

Friends – The second most important thing about Steam is the social interaction with your friends and the Steam app facilitates that with a full social section allowing you to view what your friends have played, what your friends are playing at the moment, the recent achievements that your friends have unlocked and if they have bought or added a game to their Wishlist. There is also an excellent chat function included. The chat feature allows you to chat to your friends just like you do on the PC. Whether you are spamming a friend or having an in-depth conversation, you can do all this on the go. In addition to the friends list you can also see what groups you are in, and the members and updates within those groups too.

Other – If you like to check the news, then Steam News and Syndicated News sections are on the app giving you instant access to lots of gaming news. The option to view Screenshots and Videos within the app is definitely in BETA at the moment; it doesn’t really work or look too great.

If you use Steam, and own a mobile device, there is no question that you should download this app. Whether you are a huge PC gamer and buy multiple Steam games a day, or just like to jump online to see what your friends are up to, it’s worth a quick download. It’s available on Android and iOS in BETA at the moment, and you can download it here.

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