Screenshots Of Yesterday For A Better Tomorrow

If you were to ask me what I know about Pendulo Studios‘ latest announced project Yesterday, I would probably mumble something mostly incorrect to you about a Spider-man villain and then pretend we’d never met before. That is to say, however, that I don’t know much about it, but that’s not really all that surprising given that it was announced only back in November of last year.

Pendulo Studios is probably best known for their Runaway trilogy of adventure games and their comic book-style, cel-shaded aesthetics as well as their most recent release The Next BIG Thing. Yesterday follows in the same vein insomuch that it is another adventure game and will continue to sport a similar cartoonish look, but it will be a dramatic departure in tone. While it certainly does look darker (literally), the aforementioned shift is pretty hard to discern.

However, I really enjoyed The Next BIG Thing and totally trust Pendulo when it comes to adventure games. What do you guys think?

Source: Focus Home Interactive

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