This Is How You Make A Deus Ex: Human Revolution Title Sequence

As an actual game, I think I prefer the original Deus Ex, but as for the intro sequences, I don’t think anyone will argue that Human Revolution takes the cake. The original definitely does its job, what with clearly identifying the problem and the bad guys, but let’s be honest: it looked like a elementary school popsicle stick production of the first (and historically inaccurate) Thanksgiving. Its saving grace was its writing, but Human Revolution managed to pull the same sort of impact with approximately 100% less exposition.

It also makes it impossible to overlook how deliciously French the entire production was.

The quality of the game’s title sequence caught the attention of Art of the Title, a web site dedicated solely to honoring and discussing the people and merits behind the title sequences of movies, television shows, and video games. Will Perkins sat down with the intro’s director Paul Furminger of Goldtooth Creative and Human Revolutions game director Jean-François Dugas of Eidos-Montreal and discussed the concept and development of the sequence. You get to find out how they combined the digital and live-action bits and what went into the computer-generated bits.

It’s all pretty interesting and will probably lead you down a four-hour rabbit hole as you click every link in the site’s index, so you’d better clear your schedule now. It will also probably inspire you to play Human Revolution if you haven’t already, so just be wary if you have commitment issues and don’t even bring flowers to the first date.

Source: Art of the Title

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