‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Screenshot Revealed

This past Friday, Canadian developer Beenox posted an official screenshot from their Spider-Man game. As far as screenshots go, it’s pretty boring. The screenshot is especially curious considering the last two Spider-Man games were so action-packed. But is there more to this image?

Looking over Spidey’s shoulder, most of the picture is of comprised of the New York skyline. Upon zooming in, there are a few interesting posters or billboards. On the left building, there appears to be a sign of some sort with what appears to be the legs of four people. It could be a advertisement for boots, or maybe not. On the center building, there are two signs. The uppermost has the word ‘Fly’ and the iconic red and blue colors of Spider-Man. The lowermost signs features a man in a suit and hat, a possible nefarious character.

Maybe I’m reading into this more than Beenox intended. Maybe they really are just showing off their in-game screenshot of  one of the greatest action superhero is perched and looking over a skyline. But man, I hope not.


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