Kane & Lynch And Mini Ninjas Now On PSN

Three new games are available on the PSN for download today, the first two games being the popular Kane & Lynch games, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and the sequel Kane & Lynch: Dog Days.

Both Kane & Lynch games were met with mixed reviews from the gaming community. The second game is a very short game but I still think it was packed with some pretty good content. See what we thought of Kane & Lynch 2 here.

Another game was also made available, Mini Ninjas. I must admit, I played through Mini Ninjas to completion but I cannot remember a thing about it. It features a very unique cartoon art style and put you in control of a ninja going around doing what Ninjas like to do best, kick butt.

Both games are ready for download on the PSN right now with Kane & Lynch: Dead Men costing $14.99 and Kane & Lynch: Dog Days and Mini Ninjas at $19.99. Check them out!

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