A Simple Question: Staying Alive

It’s not easy to be a video game company today. It seems like a studio is closing its doors every week; doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, no one is safe. With the budgets that are needed to create top-tier games growing every year, it becomes an even greater risk when these games don’t sell as well as hoped. Look no further than THQ, who is reeling from a lackluster holiday performance (personally, I loved Saints Row The Third, but I guess not enough people did). So if a game company is going to have to survive, they might have to make choices about what features they choose to support. Considering the development time and cost needed to create a unified single player and multiplayer experience, I would not be at all surprised to see games that traditionally featured robust options in both now start to favor one over the other. The question is:

If the developers of a game you were looking forward to buying had to cut features, would you rather have a more robust single player experience, or more multiplayer options?

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Keep in mind that I’m asking you what you prefer, not what is more likely to happen. My knee-jerk reaction to this would be to say multiplayer; I would like to think that I am always online playing with my friends in whatever game we all have. But in reality, I have been heavily reliant on quality single player games as of late.  The last real multiplayer game I’ve played was Black Ops (not counting Rock Band, which I do with co-workers monthly, and a dabbling of Assassin’s Creed Revelations, which none of my friends had anyway). So in considering what my playing habits actually are, I think I’d like to see more single-player variety if a company had to make a choice. Besides, with the way things are going with online codes being needed for multiplayer access, having a quality single-player experience ensures I’m getting my money’s worth no matter how I purchase my game.

What do you think? Vote above, and drop some comments below!

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  • It depends on the game. If we’re talking Battlefield, then Multiplayer all the way, but if Bioware suddenly misplaced a couple of million dollars and had to skimp out on ME3 features, my reaction would be, “Adios Multiplayer”! Over-all, Single is the winner in my book.