Ace Attorney Film Getting Worldwide Release

Takashi Miike’s Ace Attorney live action film (or Gyakuen Saiban in Japan) is about to release in Japan but some lucky viewers get to see it early including international festivals to get ready for worldwide distribution.

Miike attended the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands to screen the adaptation to lucky fans. The 135 minute film will be based on the first game that’s available on the original Nintendo DS. The screening was in Japanese with subtitles but Miike responded in a Q&A section that the film will be released for multiple regions with special dubbing and subtitles.

No word on when the film’s release dates for the regions but if you live in Japan and know the language, go check it out when it hits theaters on Feb. 11! Also get ready for another Ace Attorney game that has been announced too!

Source: Twitchfilm

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