Dragon’s Dogma Dated & Now To Have Resident Evil 6 Demo

Capcom’s western style role playing game Dragon’s Dogma now has a release date but will include a bonus for Resident Evil fans especially to Xbox 360 owners.

Now dated for May 22, Dragon’s Dogma will also include pre-ordering bonuses. For GameStop owners, they will get the “Pawn Upgrade Pack” where they can team up with three higher level non-player partners in quests. The “Armor Upgrade Pack” in Best Buy will have higher armor items and the “Weapon Upgrade Pack” on Amazon will do the same for weapons. Post-launch downloadable content will also be available.

Owners will also get a code to get the Resident Evil 6 demo. For Xbox 360 users, the demo will be available on July 3 as part of an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. PlayStation 3 users can get it on Sept. 6.

Sources: Capcom-Unity, Giant Bomb

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