FFXIII-2 Gets Lightning DLC Pack Feb. 7

Even though North American and European gamers are only just getting their hands on Final Fantasy FFXIII-2 this week, we are already getting our first DLC pack. The game has been out in Japan for a while now and this DLC pack doesn’t seem like too big of an addition to the game content. I’m sure you wouldn’t notice it within the hours and hours of gameplay included on the disc.

Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar are included in this upcoming DLC pack releasing on February 7th for Xbox 360 and PS3. In the DLC, to play as Lightning you will need to fight her and Lt. Amoda. Once defeated, Lightning will join your party bringing her own unique butt-kicking style to your team. No pricing has been given at the moment for how much it will cost to download this DLC but you can be sure that as this is a side mission within the game, I wouldn’t expect it to cost any more than $10.

Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more information on the North American release of FFXIII-2 this week!

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  • reapz13

    I was on the fence about this game, but adding Lightning as DLC just made that a solid “F U, Squeenix”. One the biggest reasons I play games like this is to collect everything, be OCD, and build a perfect file. Now that I know they’re going to start doing the DLC BS I hate, I’ll just pass. Having to pay for the best items and all of the characters has ruined RPG’s for me, if not most of gaming. There is no longer a sense of accomplishment after finding a secret character or finding the Omega Ultima Sword +1. It’s all just “Please give us your credit card # if you want the full experience, even though you already paid $60”.

    • Zadtrp

      If there just going to sell you an item that improves your characters power then yes I disagree completely.  You shouldn’t just be able to buy your character power with your  credit card.  Now if they sell you a 5 to 10 hour campaign which culminates in you receiving said awesome weapon then I’m completely alright with that.  And in reality if they take 2 years to come out with another 60 dollar sequel or hit me for 2.99 every month for 2 years then really whats the difference?  It’s a fine line but it’s a fine line that’s walkable.

  • Whogie

    😀 Glad it’s so soon. Plus that’s when Amazon says my copy will arrive.
    Hope she isn’t just available post-game.

  • Coolguy65

    dont quite understand how this will be possible due to the story?????