Humble Bundle Back With Incredible Games

Because ModestBundle didn't roll off the tongue...

The Humble Bundle for Android is offering around $60 worth of games for whatever you want to pay. These are cross-platform (Android,Windows,Mac,Linux) DRM-Free, and you can pay what you want! You choose the amount, and you choose how your money is divided between the developers, the charity (Child’s Play Charity), and they guys and gals offering the bundle.  Osmos, EDGE and Anamoly are at the core of the bundle. You have to pay more than the average price of the bundle to unlock World of Goo. As of the writing of this post, the average price was only $5.87.

Based on the hours I’ve already spent playing a few of these games on other platforms, this is a no-brainer deal for me. I’m especially excited about each of these games being available on my Android OS phone (Android 2.2 and up). Party of my nightly ritual is playing a game on my phone as I tuck my kids into bed. They (and I) will love playing these new games, even they get tired of hurling hostile avian at porcine.



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