Prototype 2 Delayed On PC

It may come as a huge surprise to see a PC version of a game delayed, it’s not as if it’s been happening with quite a lot of games these days. I admit that the PC version always ends up being the best version of the game, but is it really worth the wait for that extra bit of polish?

Prototype 2 is still slated to hit consoles on April 24th. But now PC gamers will have to wait until July 24th according the Prototype 2 Facebook page.  No reason has been given for the delay but you can imagine it’s to make the game a little bit more polished before it hits retail.

With the delay coming to light,  a little bit of good news is also out for console gamers as the “RADNET Edition” of Prototype 2 has been revealed and will give plays access to 55 pieces of additional content that will be delivered for seven weeks after the game launches on consoles. Hopefully this content will come packaged with the PC to make up for the delay but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

Three months isn’t that long of a delay, right?

Source: Joystiq

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