Star Wars The Old Republic: The Holoterminal Ep. 10- Warzone Tips

What is up Platform Nation? Today I bring you the first double digit episode of The Holoterminal, a video series focused on providing news and game tips for Bioware’s Star Wars The Old Republic. This week, me and my co-host, Brian, give you some tips and pointers for playing Warzones and PvP, along with some other news and general discussion about the game. The warzones and player versus player combat can be a lot of fun in SWTOR, and our tips are meant to help you and your team get that winning edge. Also, now that anti aliasing has been fully implemented into the game, we try to show you the difference it makes with a brief before and after comparison.

If you are first time viewer, or new to the game, and you like what you see in this episode, be sure to head over to the you tube channel, or scroll through the archives here on P*N, for some other great tips, guides and news. Thanks again for watching, see you next time!

The Holoterminal Ep. 10- Warzone Tips

Hosted By: Ryan Strain & Brian Webb

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