The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creation Kit

Mods are a huge part of PC gaming, especially in gigantic games such as Fallout and Skyrim. There have been plenty of unofficial Skyrim mods available around the internet since the game launched last year. Today’s announcement is going to change all of that with the reveal of the Creation Kit for the PC version of Skyrim.

The Creation Kit is everything you can imagine in a game modding tool, with a really great system to cater for every modders needs. Whether it be advanced dialogue trees, expansive AI moments or even just the dynamic lighting and item movement within a location, the tool looks to have everything that a Skyrim modder would need. I don’t know much about creating mods for games but from the trailer below it looks like this would be a great place to start, especially with the Wiki written by the developers to give you that little extra help.

Modding is awesome I agree, but the distribution platform that will be used is the most exciting part about this announcement as it will be making use of the Steam Workshop, built right into Steam, you are able to create, list and download some of the top mods from around the world with a click of a button, just like downloading something from the Steam Store. The other great thing is, as the mod is through Steam, it will auto make its way into your game, and if needed, it can easily be removed. The other awesome thing is that the mods will auto update when the developer updates them through Steam.

My plan was always to only play Skyrim exclusively on Xbox 360. I know what I’ll be buying the second I hit publish on this post. Check out the trailer for the Creation Kit below and expect it to come out pretty soon.

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