Alan Wake Comes To PC

Alan Wake scared the hell out of me when I originally played through it on Xbox 360. If you own a PC you can now experience this psychological action thriller, as it’s coming to PC this month and is sporting some shiny new higher resolution textures and great PC support.

If you aren’t aware of the Alan Wake game, you are a writer named Alan Wake (didn’t see that coming did you?) and you are in for a spot of trouble when visiting a small Washington town. I won’t spoil the game, but there’s a darkness out there in the woods, so you better make sure you have enough batteries for your flash light and prepare yourself for one of the best thrillers to release for a while.

Alan Wake on PC will have many exclusive features such as stereoscopic 3D support, multiscreen support, higher resolution and higher fidelity graphics, refined and configurable mouse and keyboard support, multiple aspect ratios and if you have a fancy quad core CPU, it takes advantage of that too.

If you never got chance to play the console version of Alan Wake then I highly recommend you keep your eye out for this on Steam available on February 16th for $29.99. A boxed retail version is also planned to be coming soon too.

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