Darksiders 2 Coming June, Metro: Last Light Delayed

THQ’s third-quarter financial earnings report has revealed some juicy pieces of information about Darksiders 2 and Metro Last Light.

First, the good news is that we finally have a release date for Darksiders 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the early 2010 hit. Darksiders 2 promises to bring more of the insane apocalyptic gameplay from the original. Platform Nation’s Scott diMonda wrote a great first look of the game; here’s a snippet of what he had to say.“Darksiders II: Death Lives shows a lot of promise. Death and I will be a match made in heaven, and it looks like we will be spending some quality time together in the future trying to clear War’s name.”. Check out the rest of Scott’s First Look here.

With this earnings report comes information that Metro: Last Light has been delayed to the first quarter of 2013. This really doesn’t bother me and they can take as much time on this game as they like. The gameplay videos released late last year really impressed me. The graphics engine that Metro uses really makes the lighting effect blossom and look great. Hopefully this delay will give them a little extra time to make the game look even better than it already does.

Source: Joystiq, THQ

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