Max Payne 3: 608 Bull Revolver Gameplay Video

We have a couple of announcements to pass along to you today from Rockstar for Max Payne 3. By the title you will know we have a gameplay video featuring the 608 Bull Revolver. But that’s not all we have for you as we also have a link for the Official Max Payne 3 website for you to check out.

First a little more about the 608:

The 608 Bull is a large frame revolver packing eight rounds of staggering firepower that can be shot very accurately over short distances. Typically found in the hands of paramilitary outfits like the U.F.E., the 608 can be single or dual-wield for versatile handgun shooting.

CALIBER – .357
CAPACITY – 8 rounds
RANGE – 50 Meters
WEIGHT – 52 oz

That is a pretty a impressive weapon, now for the 608 Bull Revolver Gameplay Video.

Be sure to checkout the new website and read more about the Comando Sombra, one of the most viscous gangs in Max Payne 3.

Max Payne is set to be released in May of 2012, for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and PC. Pre-order your copy now by clicking on the picture of your preferred console below.

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