Pendulo Releases New Screenshots For Their Upcoming Dark Thriller; Yesterday

It was great to see Pendulo keeping the longstanding adventure gaming tradition alive with their best-selling Runaway trilogy of games. Now, with the upcoming release of Yesterday, Pendulo looks to create a dark thriller that will be a welcomed change from the comedy adventure game releases that other companies have made.


Yesterday, the new adventure game by Pendulo, celebrates today the opening of its official website with 3 never-before-seen screenshots! After leaving its mark in adventure gaming with its million-selling trilogy, Runaway and, more recently, The Next BIG Thing, Pendulo has given up comedy for once and is offering an original and dark thriller.

Discover on the newly opened website, all you want to know about Yesterday: much information about the game, its dark story, the characters, as well as the latest images! In order to celebrate this opening, we have the pleasure to share with players a series of 3 new screenshots, which they will also find on the official website’s image gallery!

The gallery above is already showing great promise with how Pendulo’s art style has made Yesterday’s atmospheric world come to life. Please make sure to check back with Platform Nation as we will have a preview of Yesterday coming up shortly as well as take a look at Yesterday’s hompage.

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