Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Added To Games On Demand

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition released last year and added lots more content on top of the Street Fighter IV content. The game was met with pretty high reviews and has gone on to have multiple patches released changing and fixing the game up a bit.

Platform Nation’s Chad Bonin reviewed the game for us and here’s a few select quotes from the review.

“Arcade Edition is almost required purchasing for Street Fighter fans, allowing them to keep up with their competitors. The new characters aren’t perfect, but they add measurable enhancements to an already-great title. For Street Fighters, you’ve already purchased it. For general gamers, this is the best version of Street Fighter IV to start with.”

I can remember renting this game on disc and I’m hardly a fan of fighting games and kept getting destroyed in moments. If you want to digitally own a copy of this game you can download it now on Games on Demand for $29.99.

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