The Curse Of UFC Undisputed 3

At least from the GameStop side of things. GameStop, a store that I absolutely love to hate, seems to have screwed over several top notch fighters. If you pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 from GameStop you get the deal that you see in the picture above. 4 DLC fighters that are/were at the edge of really making a name for themselves. The thing about this is though that all 4 of these fighters have all lost their last fight with Nick Diaz being the latest of them with last nights awesome matchup against Carlos Condit.

This of course, being just the lastest of the UFC curses. I still subscribe to the #UFCONFOX curse where the fights on FOX just seem to be crappy fights and disappointing showings of UFC in a primetime environment.

Let’s be honest though, there probably isn’t any such curse, I do find it very odd though that a store that most gamers actually hate seems to have a pre-order DLC deal that the 4 fighters that are a part of it all lost in pretty big fashion.

If you are looking to buy UFC Undisputed 3, I highly suggest you pick it up from Amazon or you should check out the deal THQ currently has on it.

Our DLC offering will include a wide variety of new fighters, historic UFC fights, career boosts and early access to unlockable content, available via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and PlayStation® Network.

Please scroll down for official details on our UFC 3 DLC Season Pass program, which you can get FREE by pre-ordering UFC Undisputed 3 now at the THQ Store.

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  • where did you get your info? because when you buy on amazon you get NO extra characters and NO ufc 3 season pass, what you get is a 10 dollar amazon card and something called 
     Ultimate Knockout Artist Boost Pack which is just a way to customize your characters 

    • I’m just a fan of Amazon, I know them, I use them, thus I encourage others to use them as well.  Never had a bad experience from them.

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    pretty sure gamestop is the shit.