PSN Name Change Hits Tomorrow

Since November of 2006, PlayStation 3 users have gotten use to the moniker for PlayStation Network (PSN) but come February 8th, there will be a new name.  In an effort to “establish a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more”, Sony will be renaming their online services to Sony Entertainment Network or SEN.  Doesn’t have quite the ring of PSN if you ask me, but all changes will be purely cosmetic.

Both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita will have a system software update that will introduce a new Terms of Service.  Users have to accept before they can gain access to SEN.  Your Playstation ID, email, and password will not be changed.  Uncharacteristically, the PSP will stay under the PSN moniker.

Sony is in the process of email all users of PSN services of the upcoming update.  With all of the troubles Sony experienced in the last year, I think a fresh start is befitting.  Whether the name change is the correct way or not is yet to be seen, but you have to start somewhere right?  Maybe a chance of us getting news on whether or not a party system in the upcoming PS4 Sony? *Cough* I didn’t just say that out loud, but..Really Sony, a little news?  Hey, a gamer can try right?

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  • Whaaat?

    Ugh whatever. SEN, PSN, as long as the darn thing works I’ll be fine.
    But that new logo sure is ugly.

  • SEN

    Agreed about the ugly logo, next order of business, make it eye catchy

  • LOL

    that logo is ugly