Season Pass: Yes Or No For Gaming?

With constant barging to gaming companies over DLC, whether because it’s not included, the cost of the package, or the estimated longevity it adds to a games play life, will the new ‘Season Pass’ be the answer or just another complaint against the industry.  For those scratching their heads over the definition of a Season Pass, I’ll hit you with some knowledge!  Season Passes allow consumers to pay upfront and receive all DLC released during the life of the product, including ones not released yet. The choice is purely an option, giving you a chance for the complete bundle or purchase each individually at the given price.

Most gamers feel that DLC, at times, could have been implemented in the games without making them DLC. Others feel DLC are a blessing to continue the life cycle of a beloved game.  Personally, I have no reaction either way.

Notable games released so far with Season passes include:  Saints Row: The Third, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and Gears of War 3 just to name a few.  Mass Effect 3, releasing in March this year, is rumored to include a season pass.

So as a community of gamers, what do you think?  Is it better to bundle DLC, prices ranging, and try to come off cheap or fight off huge DLC packages.  I’ve never actually purchased DLC that wasn’t included free for pre-ordering a game or some kind of promotion, but I can definitely see both sides of the argument.  Bundling allows me the option, if I choose, to not make a life altering decision between eating that day or buying Microsoft/PSN points.  I can just hop on and get to downloading.

On the other half, it does seem like an easy cop-out for developers at times to release huge DLC outside of additional maps or add-ons.  Characters that could have been included probably should have, so why pay for that. With that being said, we’re the consumers, those that will determine whether this will become a new industry standard. Let your voice be heard and chime in on this debate that is destined to be discussed. As gamers, we have a voice somewhere, so why not use it before we’re muted by “Well why didn’t you speak up?”

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