“Star Wars” Kinect Xbox 360 Bundle Coming April 3rd

Late last year, Microsoft offered up what appeared to be the holy grail of custom Xbox 360 models. While it’s not unheard of for their big shooters to get custom designs, such as Halo and Call of Duty, Microsoft announced a special Star Wars-themed 360. With a C-3PO controller and R2-D2 (with a white Kinect), the console was interesting enough for Star Wars fans. Combined with the Kinect Star Wars title, the bundle looked to be a great Christmas gift for many fans.

Christmas (or “Life Day”) came and went, and no bundle showed up. Indefinitely delayed, likely due to the game (still not available), the bundle slipped into the new year. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that the bundle will release on April 3rd. Available on Amazon now for $449, Jedis and Sith wanting to move with the Force can preorder. On the same day, the lone title will be released as well.

Would you be willing to sell your Xbox 360 and Kinect for these two droids?

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