Battleship: The Movie: The Video Game

It was inevitable, I guess, but in a way that you’d hope it would never happen, sort of like how you keep telling yourself you’re not going to eat the whole pizza, but it’s Friday and you had a rough day and…

Anyways, Battleship, the classic board game from Milton Bradley, has now gone from a movie to a video game. For me, this is one step of extrapolation too far. As far as the entire known universe is concerned, the board game had no discernible plot, characters, or setting aside from a four-sided body of water of indeterminate size that may or may not be hosting a maritime conflict. To make this a movie, this meant applying a thick slab of creativity gravy all over the offering, i.e. putting in aliens.

Now, developer Double Helix Games is concocting an entirely new story to go alongside the movie with the Battleship video game in which you play as demolitions expert Cole Mathis. How his possibly (probably?) victorious actions coincide with those of super alien-fighting duo Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna remains to be seen, but the game itself will feature the “merging of tactical and action elements” where players will “fend off the enemy beachside while ordering attacks against their marine counterpart.”

This sounds like it could be an interesting blend as the press release purports “seamlessly switching” between the two modes of play, but like I said, this is a video game based on a movie, and those don’t necessarily have a good track record, let alone those that are based on a movie that is based on a 80-year-old board game. Look for it on May 15th for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii with portable versions from developer Magic Pockets for the 3DS and DS handhelds.

Source: Joystiq

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  • There’s a surprise. It’s made by Activision. I predict that it will suck and that they will milk it for everything it’s worth.