Order Up! BurgerTime World Tour Coming To Wii Tomorrow

BurgerTime World Tour released for Xbox 360 and PSN in November 2011. If you aren’t aware of what a BurgerTime game entails, it’s a hectic platforming-puzzler game in which you are in control of world-renown burger chef Peter Pepper. You have to create enormous burgers while escaping from some crazy food-gone-wild enemies.

This BurgerTime experience evolves the arcade classic and enhances it with a unique 3D rotating environment. Platform Nation’s Rich Montalvo has reviewed the Xbox 360 version of the game and it looks like he really enjoyed it, even if the difficulty drove him insane. Check out his review here. Also another article to check out is this really interesting interview that Rich had with John Greiner, Head of the BurgerTime development studio, Monkeypaw Games.

BurgerTime World Tour hits WiiWare on February 9 and will cost 1000 Wii Points.

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