Darksiders II Novel, Forums And Sweepstakes Announcement

We have a lot of information for the Darksider II fans out there. First up we have some information about the upcoming novel The Abomination Vault that is set to launch the same time as the much anticipated game is.

Here is a little more about The Abomination Vault.

In DARKSIDERS: THE ABOMINATION VAULT, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse (beings charged with maintaining the Balance between the forces of Heaven and Hell) have uncovered a plot to resurrect ancient weapons of unimaginable power. Death, with the help of his compatriot War, must track down and neutralize the mysterious individuals behind the scheme before the entire universe is plunged into a devastating conflict.

Next up the Darksiders II Community forums are live. So head over to the forums to stay on top of all new information concerning the game. Also you will be able to share your ideas with the Vigil Development Team.

Now for the grand finale. The Darksiders Facebook 100,000 Fan Sweepstakes. And as you can see below there are some awesome prizes you can win by entering the sweepstakes.

That’s all we have Platform Nation and Darksiders II fans, but stay tuned to your favorite gaming website as we will be bringing you more Darksiders II information when we receive it.

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  • Thanks for the heads up. I still need to get ahold of the first one. I’ve always wanted to get it, but haven’t done so yet.