Official Box Art For Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Revealed

Okay, yes, yet another mobile-based Kingdom Hearts game is on its way to store shelves this year. And yeah it looks to be pretty similar to the likes of 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep and even Re:Coded, but, hey, the developer themselves said the story will somehow be connected to the elusive and relentlessly requested Kingdom Hearts III. So that’s something, right? Anyway, Square Enix just revealed the pretty cool-looking box art for the series’ first outing on the Nintendo 3DS. Check it out below and let us know what you guys think.

Source: My Nintendo News

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  • This isn’t another mobile based Kingdom Hearts game. Only Coded is a mobile game. And unlike Re:coded and 358/2 Days, and Chain of Mmeories Dream Drop Distance is a main game and not because is connected to Kingdom Hearts 3 but the storyline is par with the numberd title like Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts 2.

  • AaySquare

    OMFG! I just can’t wait for the game now! 

  • Oli

    Damn you, Square Enix! I need a new pair of pants thanks to you!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else realize that there will be 7 games out before they finally release their fabled third one?

  • The cover art seems to symbolize “darkness falls into light. Light falls into darkness”. Will there finally be trouble with Sora? Will Mickey be saving him? Will Riku FINALLY be at ease with himself? D:

  • TDK

    Riku is dreaming. (Dream) Sora is dropping. (Drop) Mickey is reaching for Sora. (Distance)

  • Andersmith

    Now we just have to wait about ten months to see how epic it truly is.

  • BlueLightning

    Baah!!! Just give us Kingdom Hearts 3 already!!!! I’ve been waiting on it for the last 4 years now

  • Sakurmeme5

    358/2 days is apart of the game series, even though everyone says its not, it expains why roxas left the organization and how he went to twillight town, without that game there never would have been a riku and roxas scene or why was so roxas pissed.