Skylanders Giants Coming This Fall

I admit I have a lot of Skylanders figures and I refuse to apologize for it! Toys for Bob and Activision made a fun game with some awesome undownloadable content. They took the treasure hunt aspect in a lot of games and made it something you can hold in your hand. The game itself isn’t going to challenge Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls in scope or complexity but it’s a solid game that is tons of fun to play with someone else. I’ve gotten almost all the figures available in stores now but this fall I’m going to have a whole new batch to hunt for.

This fall Skylanders Giants is being released. The new game will introduce the (duh) Giants. It looks like the Giants live up to their name in the game. Tearing apart towers, smashing through the ground and pulling whole floating islands together seem like nothing to them. The Giants don’t disappoint in the real world either. They are twice as big as the regular figures. They also light up when near the portal of power. All the current characters, with their stats, will be playable in Giants and the new figures will work with the original portal of power. Check out the trailer to see a little of Giants in action.

Source: Joystiq

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  • Awesome, 21 Male Here AUS ;P Have nearly all the Skylanders besides 5! 

  • Neela

    I am a HUGE spyro fan from the start and when they came out with this I preordered it quickly starting collecting them all! I have it for wii and let me tell u it is the most innovative most amazing game ever! So much fun to battle enemies shake treasures open and find the soul gems and such! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE GIANTS! I think my wife is ready to pull me away from the tv soon haha

  • Susan

    It would have been a  great game for my son. However I wish I had never bought it. If I had known you can not get any of the extra characters for the game I would have never bought it in the first place. I don’t see how new ones will make a difference when you can not even get the ones that are already out. I got this game for my son for his birthday a week ago and since then I have not been able top get any of the other characters he needs to get into certain doors. It is really upsetting that my son is unhappy with his game after a week because I can’t afford to go and pay the ass holes on ebay who keep buying up all the characters and selling them for so much more. By the time he gets even one new one this game will be old news. 

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  • Melick2

    Your right Susan E-Bay should not let that happen… I do think they have control on what is being sold… I maybe wrong… But on the outher hand it is NOT e-bays fault. the people that supply they toys should put more on the floors to be sold to people..I guess they don’t really care that people are making more money on there toys then they are..

  • Susan

    No they don’t care as long as they are making their money. One of the stores where I live finally started limiting how many people could buy, but I still can not get a life character. That is the only type my son doesn’t have. He has at least one from every group and it is driving me crazy trying to find one. They really need to get them out to the stores. Every store around here are only getting in a hand full at a time at they are gone in a day. 

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