The Final Four Confirmed For “Street Fighter X Tekken”

The World Warriors face off against the King of Iron Fist Tournament warriors this March in Street Fighter X Tekken for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For PC, their battle has now been confirmed for May 11th, slightly over two months after their console launch. Capcom remains hesitant on dating the PlayStation Vita version. While Pac-Man and Bad Box Art Mega Man have been recently added to the Sony editions, four new characters have been confirmed for across the board.

They’re logical additions, and they’re evil personified. Fighting for the Street Fighters, M. Bison and Akuma are evil personified, whether it’s corruption by the Psycho Power or the Dark Hadou. From the Tekken world, Jin and Ogre let their presence be known. Presumably, these four characters (bringing the roster up to 38) will be unlocked at the start. With no more secrets about the initial roster to be revealed (although, who knows what secrets there might be…), how do you feel about the lineup?

I’m going to have to give Poison a ride. Wait, that sounds horrible.

Capcom has posted a litany of new videos; they can all be viewed at the link below.

Source: Capcom Unity

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