A Simple Question: Mass Effect 3 – Creating Your Shepard

The Mass Effect 3 demo has been unleashed on the masses (no pun inten… oh who am I kidding, yes it was), so chances are most of you have had a chance to play around with it by today.  I’m sure many people could go back and forth about what they like and don’t like, but that’s not why we’re here today.  What I want to know is, what kind of Shepard did you create in a previous game, or will be creating for your first playthrough of Mass Effect 3? This will be a multi-part ASQ, so be sure to vote in each poll.  You can view the description of most of the options via the Mass Effect Wiki; the new choice of how Shepard has handled loss will have descriptions in the poll.  So, let’s get to voting, shall we? There are four questions:

(You may need to refresh the page to see the polls, and be sure to click Cast My Vote on each poll!)

Question 1: What is your Shepard’s pre-service history?


Question 2: What is your Shepard’s Psychological profile?


Question 3: How has your Shepard handled loss?


Question 4: What class will your Shepard be?


My Shepard was an Earthborn Sole-Survivor who saved Ashley.  I plan on playing this first run as an Engineer, though that could change to Vanguard as I play the demo more, and get a feel for both.  I usually play an Adept with my second character (I generally do one playthrough as Paragon, and another as Renegade).

What about you? What’s your Shepard’s story? Vote above, and tell us below if you plan on importing you character, and if you’ve made any changes to your character over the series.  Or just geek out about what you like most about your character; let your voice be heard!

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