New Darkstalkers On The Way? Capcom Registers New Trademark

Fans of the Darkstalkers have a hard run. The last title in the franchise was Darkstalkers Chronicle for the Sony PSP, and while they’ve danced in the pale moonlight of comic book worlds off and on (both in stories created by and translated by UDON), the last time any of the characters were playable was in Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3. Felicia and Morrigan, the default mascots for the franchise, were joined by Hsien-Ko, and they just tantalized their fans with a hopeful return. Capcom might be preparing a new release, and with Street Fighter X Tekken largely out of the way, there might be need for a new fighting game from them.

Registered on February 14th, the trademark “Darkstalkers” was registered throughout Europe. While it’s no confirmation of a new title, it’s definitely a sign that Capcom wants to at least keep the franchise in their stable of titles. As the last fully-original title in the franchise was in the 1990s, Capcom might have given it enough of a breath before completely revamping it; it had been years between Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter IV, after all. Chances are, the game would at least come out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and (at a later date) PC.

Are you ready to howl at the moon once again?

Source: Eurogamer

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