Notch Willing To Fund Psychonauts 2’s $13 Million Budget


I’m gonna go ahead and pass out for a second so my mind can process this… … … Okay I’m back. So ever since last week’s adorable courting of Double Fine’s Tim Schafer by Notch, the guy behind Minecraft, news of a possible sequel to last generation’s quirky hidden gem, Psychonauts, has been running rampant. And now we have more speculation! Apparently Schafer let Notch know the budget of a projected sequel to my second-all-time favorite game would be – a cool $13 million. Notch’s response? “Yeah, I can do that.”

Obviously there’s numerous things that have to happen behind the scenes before anything moves forward, and the low sales numbers of the original (barely 400,000 in initial sales) may cause trepidation in moving forward with a sequel for a franchise that hasn’t seen the light of day for seven years. But there’s hope. A ton, apparently, because Notch seems to want this thing to happen as much as I do. I wonder if there’s any way I could get him to give Michel Ancel a call about a certain sequel…

Check out the above trailer for a hilarious and oddly enthralling mash up of Psychonauts with Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending blockbuster Inception, and then read a quote detailing what Schafer has wanted to do plot-wise with the franchise all along.

“We had a lot of plot elements that were backstory in that [first] game that we planned on revisiting in the future and tying it back in,” Schafer said. “We had a longer story arc planned for those characters.” He’s being coy about specifics, though he says that there are “ideas to take them to a more international setting.”

Source: PC Gamer

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