Square Enix Sale At Hobby Link Japan

Square-Enix game are highly marketable. In the States, you can find a good selection of toys and stuff if you really look around, but Japan is overflowing with products. The creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest have definitely filled shelves with toys and plushes, and Hobby Link Japan might have a little too much. Regularly running super sales, HLJ has announced a major sale, with prices up to 55% off.

With Hobby Link Japan, they do ship to America, so don’t consider the prices in yen to be a major barrier; PayPal converts. It looks to be mainly Slimes, puzzles, and other oddities. A few figures are in the sale, including one of Snake from Metal Gear Solid. In all situations, the discount has already been factored in.

Having ordered from Hobby Link Japan, they’re great at shipping, but the cost tends to be a little high. Still, it’s a great way to get some stuff you can’t get outside of conventions in America.

Source: Hobby Link Japan

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