Trailer Puts Far Cry 3 At Far September

Do you recall the Far Cry 3 segment at the E3 Ubisoft press conference last year? I know I do. It kind of made an impression on me. I hadn’t seen a video game impart such purposeful uneasiness since—


Sorry, this dubst–err, Far Cry 3 trailer just showed up. In it, you learn that it’ll be making its way to the US on September 4, 2012 (September 6 in the UK) and a bit more about the plot, which apparently has as much to do with Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 1 as buying new shoes does with eating spaghetti. You’ll be on a tropical island, but you will not reprising the role of Jack Carver or anyone from the menagerie of trigger-happy mercs of Leboa-Sako.

Which kind of makes me wonder how this tourist Jason Brody is suddenly able to capably handle firearms. In fact, a lot of Brody doesn’t add up. He thinks finding automatic weapons on a beach is all good, he records everything he does on his way to Blackout Bro-D for no apparent reason, and he can very deftly jump off of cliffs if there is a dude’s face and knife to help break his fall (see E3 press conference). Maybe it’s the hallucinogens pumping through his body.

Or that dirty ‘stache.

There are some additional details you can read about in the latest edition of Edge. For instance, there will be no weapon degredation like there was in FC2, and there will be plenty of opportunities for improvised weaponry and strategy a la strapping C4 to a jeep and driving into an enemy camp. Also, does anyone recognize the voice actor for Brody? He sounds so familiar.

Source: Joystiq

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