Saints Row: The Third Gets Space Gangstas

Saints Row: The Third is an amazing wacky random explosive awesome game. I enjoyed the game so much and have kept my eye out for any sign of additional DLC packs. My day one purchase of the Season Pass is coming into use yet again as another DLC pack has been announced which is releasing this month, Gangstas In Space.

If you haven’t completed the main game in Saints Row: The Third then skip this paragraph. If you have, as far as I can tell, this is more of the awesomeness that we got to experience when we chose to do the Gangstas in Space ending to the game and got to jump up onto the moon and beat up that giant guy while bouncing around on a moon buggy and shooting our space weapons.

Gangstas In Space is a full downloadable content pack that add a series of new missions in space, featuring an alien invasion in which I assume you continue to jump around space and shoot people in the face with a space pistol. Gangstas In Space is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on February 21 for $6.99 (or “free” for season pass owners).

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