Sony Files Patent For User-Driven Three-Dimensional Interactive Gaming Environment

Did you like the Wii Motion controls? Did you like how Sony came up with their own 100% unique motion control system?

Well this article is for you. Sony filed a patent in late 2011 for a User-driven three-dimensional interactive gaming environment. In plain english the patent is for a camera that plugs into a device that can then be used to track a players movement and position in a 3D space. I am amazed at the ingenuity of Sony where do they come up with their ideas?


Being serious for a moment, I don’t want to start a flame war about who allegedly copied whom, afterall Sony’s EyeToy device could be considered the first motion based camera accessory for a console and therefore you could argue that Microsoft actually copied Sony.

It’s worth noting that just because a patent exists it doesn’t mean they intend to act on it. The patent could just be an acknowledgement that Sony researched the technology and logically what company wouldn’t research their competitors? Although if Sony do indeed launch yet another peripheral they run the risk of splitting their user base.

Personally I can see the benefit of a combined system. Motion controls can be good and there are some great gameplay mechanics that use them but ultimately without some form of kinetic feedback you are just waving your hands in the air which gets tiring both physically and mentally after a while. Something with the accuracy of Kinect with the kinetic feedback of the PS Move is not necessarily a bad thing.

Source: CVG, Kotaku

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