The Walking Dead Game

Oh yes, you read it correctly!! Telltale Games currently are hard at work, diligently crafting the video game adaptation of the AMC hit of Robert Kirkman’s award winning comic book series, The Walking Dead. The game will supposedly follow a new group of survivors outside of Rick and the crew.  The survivors are trying to flee Atlanta and surrounding communities, letting gamers live the first hours and days of the zombie apocalypse as they meet new people and intersect the story driven by the comic book series.

Supposedly, the game will be episode based, rumoring five in total. Although the gaming company has been very hush on details, new videos are being released under the title The Playing Dead.  The Playing Dead will be a nine part series, where developers and everyone involved in the process of making The Walking Dead video game give a behind the scenes look of their thought process, creative ideas, and much more. The videos will be available on the official game website, which is linked below, as well on Youtube, Xbox Live, and SEN. New photos are finally being released and I must say, outside of the fact the game will be episode based, everything looks fantastic.

Bet your wondering when’s this bad boy is being released and what consoles it will support, but so far all Telltale has said to the public is that it will be here “Spring of 2012 for all major gaming platforms.”  So I guess we’ll just have to wait and keep our eyes open!

Official The Walking Dead Game Site: Telltale

Source: IGN

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