UFC 3: Can Online Stay Consistent?

With the third installment of the UFC titles hitting the shelves last week, UFC 3 staggered out of the gate with online problems ranging from server outages, disconnects, severe lag and other issues which have left fans feeling uneasy.  THQ has gone on record saying that they are working on implementing improvements and potential solutions. Although the general consensus is that these issues should have been addressed prior to the game’s release.

After the debacle surrounding Gamespy’s servers last installment, fans expected a better outcome this time around after THQ announced that  they would build and support their own servers for both UFC 3 and the lastest WWE ’12 on their own.  WWE ’12 got off to a horrific start, with an online experience which led  fans to express their nerd rage on forums, youtube channels, and any real life friends who actually cared enough to listen.

In spite of the solid foundation and gameplay featured in UFC 3 , online issues could destroy the game’s overall longevity.  Fans haven’t been shy thus far to voice their opinions to Mr. Dana White himself via twitter; but whether he actually cares or not is a matter up for debate.  Over the holiday weekend, some of the online issues plaguing the UFC gamers began to work themselves out, as the servers were consistently up, had reportedly less lag, and fewer disconnects.  Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come. For THQ and Dana White’s twitter account if nothing else.


Source: PastaPadre

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