A Simple Question: PlayStation Vita

If you weren’t one of the few who picked up the First Edition Bundle, then today’s the first day you can go get PlayStation’s latest foray into portable gaming, the PlayStation Vita.  Pete Dodd of the FyFYI podcast wrote a piece about his early experiences with the handheld, and I must say, it has me intrigued.  Not only is it a new piece of tech (reason enough for me to be interested), but it seems to be getting a positive vibe from the folks on Twitter that I follow.  But it will take more than a positive vibe to make people forget about the debacle of the PSP, which also was a highly touted, technically advanced piece of equipment that never really caught hold (which my wife often reminds me of, since I was a launch-day sucker who hasn’t turned his PSP on in a few years).  I could not think of a more appropriate question than this one for this week:

Will you be buying a PlayStation Vita this year?

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I time-bound the question because I suppose anyone could say they may EVENTUALLY buy a Vita, but I’m curious if people will be jumping on board during the first year, when the system will most likely stay at the same price, and face little in the way of competition, with new system releases not likely this year (Wii U notwithstanding).  I can honestly say I had no interest in this device until about 2 weeks ago.  The more I read about it, the more intrigued I got, and after reading Pete’s piece, and seeing the social aspects integrated with the system, I’m now fully interested in it.  Of course, I won’t be making the purchase on launch day; funds need to be secured first, but I do plan on picking it up this year.  I’d love to have it before PAX, but I certainly will have it by the fall.  I’ve been burned before by Sony, but I will give them one more shot.  It’s the least I can do for never having picked up a PS3.

What about you? Getting it? Skipping it? Waiting for the price to drop?  Vote above, and tell us what you think below!

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  • I can easily wait for a price drop and/or Vita 2.0. So my answer is NO, I will not be buying it this year.