Borderlands 2’s New Trailer, Promises

Borderlands 2 already had a lot of live up to simply by being the sequel to one of the best debuts and all-around games of 2009, but this launch date trailer (vastly different from teaser, pre-order, reveal, launch, orange-flavored, and superstitious trailers) is making some serious promises, most of which make me feel like Mikey Neumann had a lot to do with this. This includes the need to “joy-puke your face off” and a “bazilliondier” set of procedurally generated weapons.

Also, 96.5% more WUBWUB. Be warned: the drop is fairly heavy.

The biggest promise made, however, is that the game is coming September 18th in the US and September 21st for international markets. It’s gonna be a long wait either way, so it’s good you get to see some new stuff like our first peek at the new vigilantes of Pandora, the (vastly) improved UI, and its absolutely gorgeous look. It’s pretty much the same hard-lined, cel-shaded veneer from the first Borderlands, but it somehow looks more…refined this time around, a term I’m hopeful will apply to this sequel with reckless abandon.

There’s also the urging at the end to check out the pre-order bonuses from GameStop and Amazon. You’ll get access to the Premiere Club, the start of a Gearbox trend given the First Access Club for Duke Nukem Forever. With club access, you’ll get a key to unlock a “rare item,” a vault hunter’s relic that will “boost your gear-hunting fortune,” and a slew of golden guns (carat unknown).

And not to sound like a crazy person or anything, but isn’t at least the first part of the trailer house music and not dubstep? Is there even a difference?! SOMEONE HELP ME.

Source: Gearbox Software

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