Critical Strike 88: Return of the Music

Its been a long time since I’ve done a music episode, I’ve promised one over and over and just couldn’t get myself to sit down and hammer one out and when I finally did? I never released it. Yeah, this one has been sitting completed on my hard drive for the last month or so, and I just forgot all about it until a listener asked if I was going to be releasing a music show anytime soon. So here you go everyone! I hope you enjoy it.

Music in this episode: Daytona USA, Einhänder, Battlefield 3, Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, Dead Island, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Infinite Undiscovery, Valkyria Chronicles, Infinity Blade, Modnation Racers, Marvel Pinball, Shatter, The Last Story, Conker’s Bad Fur Day

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